"God cannot be obscured"

Materiality seems to erect a dense wall between humanity and spiritual understanding—its greatest need. Sin, disease, unhappiness seem real and inevitable to mortals. But there is no substance, no truth, no permanence in a wall constituted of ignorance, false belief, and unbelief. That alone is substantial which relates to Spirit and finds expression in spirituality and harmony. Christian Science brings out in its students an ever-clearer reflection of Spirit, God, and so dispels the seeming density of materialism.

Mrs. Eddy writes (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 333), "God cannot be obscured, and this renders error a palpable falsity, yea, nothingness." There is nothing supposedly within or without the infinitude of Spirit, God, to obscure or be obscured. Spiritual light abides in the consciousness of God's image. Hence, the claim of mental darkness has in reality no existence, or place of operation.

April 16, 1938

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