Disease Is Mental

Disease is most frequently thought of as being physical—an abnormal condition of the so-called physical organism or body. Medical practice is based upon the belief that there is life and sensation in matter and that disturbed or interrupted bodily functions, pain, suffering, disease, and death, exist as actualities. And the testimony of the material senses would seem to substantiate this belief. Indeed, if one were to accept material sense testimony as reliable, one would scarcely be able to believe otherwise. However, there are many familiar proofs of the undependable nature of the material senses, and Christian Science shows these senses to be utterly unreliable.

Many of the more enlightened doctors of medicine admitedly recognize mental causes for disease, although probably few of them have discerned that disease itself is entirely a mental condition. This, of course, is due to the prevailing belief among them that matter is real and substantial, that it has life and sensation.

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Items of Interest
September 4, 1937

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