Christian Science was our last resort, not because it was...

Christian Science was our last resort, not because it was considered unworthy, but because through ignorance it was pased by in the beginning. Over three years ago I had a complete nervous breakdown. My mind functioned more and more slowly, sleeping became a very easy and comfortable thing to do. In one instance in particular my slumber extended over a period of forty-eight hours. Complete mental weariness overcame me. My parents, wishing to have me well again, at my request placed me in a private sanatorium, but with no success. I returned and felt the need of the routine I had found in the sanatorium. After several months my folks fulfilled my request that I go somewhere else; and this time, with my knowledge and consent, I went to a state hospital. Here during my entire stay of six months I found a most sincere desire on the part of everyone to aid me to regain my health. They declared, as had other physicians, that I was normal physically; and as I neither smoked nor drank, nor led a fast life, that these could not be among the causes of this condition. The case became more difficult to solve. It was decided to commit me to this institution, and this was done by document.

One promising fact was that all my life I had been active in church work as a member of an orthodox church, also at various times I had been a leader of Christian Endeavor societies. Good reports were received by the doctors when they inquired as to my past religious activities.

Testimony of Healing
God's "unspeakable gift" has come to me, and for this I...
September 4, 1937

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