Bible Notes

"Thou hast shewed ... great mercy" (I Kings 3:6)—The Hebrew noun which is here translated "mercy" is "chesed," a term which it is difficult to render adequately by the use of any one English term, for it includes the ideas of "goodness, kindness, mercy, loving-kindness" (Brown, Driver, Briggs: Hebrew Lexicon, p. 338f.), as well as "love, good-will, favour, grace, beauty" (Feyerabend: Hebrew Dictionary, p. 104).

"An understanding heart" (I Kings 3:9, 12)—In verse 9, this phrase represents the Hebrew "leb shomea," literally "a hearing heart," and is rendered by Moffatt as "a thoughtful mind"; and by Smith as "an attentive mind." On the contrary, in verse 12, the phrase as set down in the original is "leb nabon," literally "an understanding heart," as in our Common Version; though Smith prefers to translate: "A ... discerning mind."

Testimony of Healing
Until I became twenty years of age, time not infrequently...
September 4, 1937

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