A Student of Christian Science recently discovered that he was entertaining an erroneous concept of one meaning of recognition. This word had been used on several occasions in connection with employment, progress, and success, when discussing the apparent difficulties experienced in starting work in new fields of activity. Conservatism and the fear of accepting work from a source unknown to the public, appeared in some cases to be hindering unfoldment, preventing employment, and lowering the market value of the work in the eyes of those to whom it was submitted. There were also instances where it had seemed that faithful service had been given no recognition by employers. Where abilities existed and were being utilized efficiently, it seemed only right that there should be proper appreciation.

A little research into the question brought out an entirely new view of recognition. It became apparent that it was not the praise or appreciation of mortals which was desirable, but a deeper recognition of God, as the only Mind, the only creator and source of all good. The only reward that mortal mind gave to the prodigal in the parable was the husks of materiality. When he saw the error of his material outlook and turned away from it to return to his home, his father was at once ready to give him of his own abundance.

The Key to the Scriptures
September 4, 1937

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