"The echo of Spirit"

In mountainous and other echoing regions, it may be noted that there is one original sound and its echo or echoes. Also that the sound of the echo cannot be other than the reproduction of the original. Turning from this simile in nature to God and His creation, we find that no separation is possible between Mind and its ideas. Hence, nowhere in Mind's universe is there any unlikeness to the creator. Nowhere in this spiritual universe is there any evil suggestion or response to it.

Monotheism, as understood in Christian Science, proclaims one God, and this term applies to each synonym for Deity. Hence, there is no foundation for the mortal belief that each one's life and health and strength are physical and personal. Christian Science reveals that Life, God, is individualized in every idea of Mind. There cannot be a plurality of lives, since Life is God. This scientific fact regarding Life and health brings encouragement and comfort to one who has hitherto regarded his life and his health as personal and subject to impairment, deterioration, and loss. It shows him that the one Life, God, is indestructible, and that health abides in infinite Mind, untouched by materiality. It shows him that all real life and health express the one indestructible Life. So he thinks of his life and health as coexistent with and inseparable from the one Life, God-bestowed and God-governed.

Letters from the Board of Directors
July 17, 1937

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