When I was a child I had trouble with my eyes

When I was a child I had trouble with my eyes. I was taken to an oculist, who fitted me with glasses and diagnosed the trouble as astigmatism, which, he said, would ultimate in blindness. My mother was interested in Christian Science, so she wrote to a practitioner to tell her what the oculist had said and to ask her to work for me. Before I became accustomed to wearing glasses they were no longer necessary, and have never been since then.

Eight or nine years ago I had athlete's foot. I telephoned to a practitioner for help and she worked for me for several months, during which time my foot became steadily worse and I became more and more discouraged. Finally, the practitioner told me that I must overcome an irritable disposition if I wanted my foot to get well. I considered her statement too silly to be taken seriously. I was sure that there was no connection between an irritable disposition and an irritated foot, and just as sure that I could not overcome mental irritability, because I had carried it around with me so long that I thought I always should. So I paid no attention to what she told me, but called on another practitioner. Before long, the second practitioner told me substantially what the first one had, but I did not accept his pronouncement either. I asked a third practitioner for treatment. Within a week I was in the office of the third practitioner hearing for the third time that I must learn to control my temper, to be calm in trying circumstances and tolerant of the faults of other people. When I left the practitioner's office I was convinced that I should make a determined effort to master irritability, and I had hopes that my efforts would be successful. I did begin to make the effort, and almost immediately people began to remark on an improvement in my disposition, my manner, and even my facial expression. My foot must have been healed instantaneously while I was in the office of the third practitioner. I forgot that it had ever seemed sore until a week or so later, when my father remarked that my foot must be better, because he had not seen me rub it for a long time. When I looked at my foot I saw that it was clean and smooth, completely healed.

Some time later I had an impacted wisdom tooth. I was in such pain that I went immediately to a dentist to have it extracted. The dentist made an X ray, and I saw the picture which showed the tooth wedged down between a piece of bone and another tooth. The dentist explained that he would have to remove a piece of bone and lift the tooth out backwards. I did not have time to have the operation performed then, so I left the dentist's office, saying that I would telephone later for an appointment. I talked with a practitioner that evening and told her about the condition of my tooth, and asked her what she thought about using an anesthetic. The practitioner said: "Are you sure the operation is necessary? You know that everything is in its right place." In an instant all the pain was gone. I asked the practitioner for a treatment, which she gave me, The operation was never performed, and the tooth came through the gum without further trouble.

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