During the summer of 1914, while I was living in a...

During the summer of 1914, while I was living in a sparsely settled region, some Christian Science literature was given me to read. I read every word of it, and it was not long before I knew that this was the religion I had wished for all my life, especially in regard to healing. I was sure that it would heal a member of my family of a most disturbing fault, which I thought then was the cause of all my unhappiness. I soon learned that I had much need of healing myself, and that I must first remove the beam from my own eye. A violent and hasty temper was now seen as something possible to eradicate. I had always thought I could not control it, though on one could be more contrite or ashamed than I was after each outburst.

Numerous physical healing followed. A burned hand, caused by grasping an iron skillet handle which had been in the fire, was instantaneously healed through the understanding of a simple statement of Truth which had been read in a testimony a few days previous, for I had not, as yet, seen a copy of Science and Health. Attacks of bronchitis, recurring each winter with accompanying loss of voice, failed to return that winter. A sufferer from frequent colds the year around, I was joyous to find myself free. A goiter of twenty-five years' growth receded so gradually that it was completely gone before I took note of what was happening.

Testimony of Healing
Six years ago I was a continual sufferer from pain and...
July 4, 1936

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