As one who has been privileged to benefit from the protection...

As one who has been privileged to benefit from the protection and love afforded by the study and application of Christian Science since an early age, I wish to express my gratitude.

One of the first outstanding healings I experienced occurred about thirteen years ago. One afternoon I had just come in from swimming when an electric storm broke. Our telephone rang, and I ran to answer it. Just as I lifted the receiver, a flash of lightning came and evidently struck the telephone wire, for I was knocked from the telephone unconscious. An aunt, who was a Christian Scientist, coming into the room at this time, caught me in her arms, declaring that God is Life, and she managed to place me on the bed in an adjoining room. My face was turning black on one side, and the condition seemed quite serious.

I Find Love Everywhere
July 4, 1936

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