Bible Notes

"To do good and to communicate forget not" (Hebr. 13:16)—The Greek term rendered "to communicate" means literally "a contribution or joint benefaction" (koinonia). (Cf. Thayer: Greek Lexicon.) Hence Moffatt's rendering: "Do not forget beneficence and charity;" and that of Goodspeed: "Do not forget to be helpful and generous;" while Weymouth (fifth edition) has: "Do not forget to be kind and liberal."

"Suffer it to be so now" (Matt. 3:15)—The words "it to be so" are not represented in the original, and the verb "aphiemi" may mean "suffer, or permit, or let go" (Thayer: op. cit., p. 89). The margin of the American Revised Version suggests: "Suffer me now"; while Moffatt has simply: "Come now"; and continues, "this is how we should fulfil all our duty to God." Other translators, however, adhere more closely to the familiar rendering of the Authorized Version; and we find: "Let it be so on this occasion" (Weymouth); "Let it be so this time" (Goodspeed).

Testimony of Healing
My life was one of constant suffering until I heard of...
July 4, 1936

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