The Truth about Environment

Any query regarding environment is scientifically answered by the fact that God, infinite good, is omnipresent, and "there is none else beside him." Difficulties relating to the human sense of environment can be solved on this basis. It would be a mistake, then, to admit that we are struggling for spirituality in an environment of materiality. Although this seems to be the case to material sense, such an admission would handicap one's best efforts, since it constitutes a denial of God's ever-presence and supremacy.

What is called material environment is objectified ignorance of God and His infinite manifestation, and this ignorance begets fear. When Elijah sought the refuge of a cave to save himself from his enemies, he was driven there by a belief of life in matter needing protection from persecution. But, due to his earnest desire to be a true prophet of God, he was ready to be lifted above the delusion, and so he heard the word of God saying to him, "What doest thou here, Elijah?" In relating his pitiful tale of the people's apostasy and the persecution he was being subjected to, Elijah proved that he had no wish to conceal anything. Thus he heard the compelling command, "Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Lord." Could any command be grander, more inspiring, more full of assurance and reward?

July 4, 1936

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