Having been so abundantly blessed through a study of...

Having been so abundantly blessed through a study of the Bible and Christian Science literature, I should like to add my testimony of gratitude to God, the Giver of all good. My first attendance at a Christian Science church service, about nineteen years ago, was the turning point in my life, for it was then that I caught a glimpse of the true nature and character of God, and of man's relationship to Him.

Heretofore, while living according to my highest sense of right, still I never attended church, nor read the Bible, nor was I interested in any way in things spiritual, for my concept of God, gained from what little I had heard of Him, was of one who visited affliction as well as good upon mankind as a disciplinary measure to bring them into conformity with His will; and my sense of justice rebelled at this teaching. Because of my resistance to religion, and my refusal to join the church and profess Christianity, I was known among my friends and relatives as an infidel. When I perceived, as revealed through Christian Science, that God is not a personal God, subject to wrath and hate, but is indeed unchanging divine Principle, Love, the author of good only, and that He does not send affliction upon anyone or anything, but on the contrary that only blessing, happiness, and harmony can emanate from Him, I felt something within my consciousness give way and my stubborn resistance to things spiritual vanished. The truth and logic of Christian Science appealed to me, and I accepted it without question.

Testimony of Healing
In humble gratitude I wish to relate my first experience...
March 7, 1936

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