Voicing Gratitude

Thankfulness is an impulse to express gratitude for benefits received. Students of Christian Science learn humbly and lovingly to thank God for His infinite goodness, thus availing themselves of His spiritual riches, love, wisdom, and dominion. The acknowledgment and acceptance of these spiritual resources as our own prepare us to enjoy their abundant manifestation, and increased gratitude leads to a still clearer vision of the spiritual realities, often bringing instantaneous healings. When we express our thanks for the good we have, our thoughts become more receptive to God's ideas, which enable us to rise above material unrealities. The grateful and loving consciousness is good soil, in which the seed of Truth may germinate and bear fruit to perfection.

When working to realize the spiritual facts applicable to the solving of a human problem, one may become so engrossed in this work that he may neglect to be grateful for past and present blessings. Perhaps he has an ungrateful heart. Is he asking for more, when he is not grateful for that which he already has? To be healed of disease and discord, one must be grateful and must freely express gratitude. Healings in some instances may be deferred because of ingratitude, or of neglect to acknowledge the loving and consecrated help received through Christian Science treatment.

Demonstrating Vitality in Business
February 29, 1936

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