Prosperity Insurance

Much has recently been said of certain types of insurance which might in some degree secure the welfare of individuals and society. In considering possible means of guranteeing material occupation or subsistence for mankind, we should go farther and consider the true man's permanent happiness, his health, his peace, his harmony, his genuine prosperity—that which a false sense of value is not capable of securing. Christ Jesus saw the greater and better things of Spirit when he said, "It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." He saw the reality of Life, Truth, and Love, the sum total of good.

Through Christian Science we learn that infinite good is the divine heritage of God's man, and that the law of God. divine Principle, secures and perpetuates true prosperity in the demonstration of invariable, infinite good. We learn how the Science of Christ, Truth, rightly applied, inspires and fulfills every right desire. In effectively reaching the solution of a mathematical problem we are guided by the rules of mathematics. Likewise, successfully to solve our problems through an understanding of the Science of being—to demonstrate infinite good—we must be guided by the scientific rules of divine Principle. Understanding and obeying God's law make true prosperity a present possibility. A right sense of prosperity individually entertained forms the basis of collective or national prosperity.

The Christian Science Road
October 10, 1936

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