In your issue of Friday last you published in part a...

Rand Daily Mail

In your issue of Friday last you published in part a lecture on medical practice. In the course of the lecture, as reported, the lecturer said: "In this country there are thousands of Christian Scientists and many homeopaths. Is it a fact that these people, who do not call in medical aid, have a higher death rate than those who go to the doctor for every pain?" A little farther on he says, "Yet these people are simply trying all kinds of fads."

It is of frequent occurrence in public dissertations that Christian Science is associated with beliefs and practices of which it is the absolute antithesis. Christian Science is no "fad." It is simply the bringing into practice of the teachings of Christ Jesus, the master Metaphysician. He taught that health is the immutable, spiritual law of God, which law, when applied, overrules and displaces erroneous, so-called laws of disease, and thus heals the sick.

October 10, 1936

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