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The April 15 issue of the Register quoted a local minister...

Des Moines Register

The April 15 issue of the Register quoted a local minister as saying in a recent sermon that the religion with which he is affiliated "does not try to explain away evil by denying its reality." And because Christian Science denies the reality of evil I should like to make clear to your readers just why such denial is made, so none may form a misconception of this Christian religion from what appeared in the Register.

Christian Science never attempts to make a reality appear unreal, but holds that the Scriptural account of good and evil furnishes undisputed basis for the logical conclusion that only good is real and that evil is unreal. For the Bible certainly portrays God as only good; it also shows that God pronounced His creation "very good," and that He made all that was made. Obviously then, evil, which is admittedly wholly unlike good, could not have been created by God, and consequently has no actual existence. And so Christian Science ascribes reality only to God and His creation, while all that is unlike Him it designates as unreal.

October 10, 1936

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