Some years ago, when I had a little schoolboy son, he...

Some years ago, when I had a little schoolboy son, he came home one noon and said he did not want to eat anything. He had attended a Christian Science Sunday School for a number of years, and in the home sickness and symptoms were never discussed. As it was quite unnatural for him to refuse luncheon he was questioned, and finally it came out that it was hard to swallow. He said his throat did not hurt, but he did not want to eat. I asked him to let me look in his mouth. That glance was sufficient to rouse all the fear and panic that a human mother can feel when something is wrong with her child. The throat was so swollen that there was scarcely any opening perceptible.

One's thoughts fly very fast under such conditions. First I thought I must call a practitioner, but in those days I did not know one I could call without taking time to look up a telephone number, and I thought there was no time for that delay. I then thought of the old family physician who had so kindly ministered to my needs when I was a child. But I remembered that his office hours were in the morning and I could not reach him; and if I did he could not reach us in time.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a deep sense of gratitude that I testify to the...
January 11, 1936

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