My first contact with Christian Science was over twenty...

My first contact with Christian Science was over twenty years ago. I was newly married, and next door to my new home lived two little girls, aged two and four, with whom I soon became friendly; and they were frequently in my house. One day whilst playing the younger child fell, striking her head against a sharp brass fender. I ran to pick her up and to look for some material remedy, but was forestalled by the elder sister, who turning to the little one promptly and definitely exclaimed: "Don't cry, bumps is nothingness; God is everywhere!" Almost instantly the child dried her tears and they resumed their game, and in spite of all my fears and expectations to the contrary, there was not the slightest sign of swelling or discoloration. This so impressed me that when the mother called for the children I related the incident to her, and inquired what she taught her children. She replied that they were pupils in a Christian Science Sunday School, and then went on to tell me a little of the teachings of Christian Science. I thought it all very beautiful, but left it at that, quite contented and happy to go on as I was then. But I did add, with all sincerity, "If ever I have any children I hope they will be Christian Scientists."

For several years all went on happily and prosperously for me and I thought no more of this Science. But later clouds seemed to gather and the way became dark. Five members of my immediate family passed on within a few months of each other, amongst them my mother and eldest sister. A brother was placed in a home for incurables, and I was taken ill with what the doctor diagnosed as a severe nervous breakdown, for which he seemed to have no remedy. The outlook was indeed dark, sickness seemed inevitable, and death the only way out.

For many years I had been an active member of an orthodox church, but now neither the teachings of my church nor materia medica had any solution to offer me. Then I remembered Christian Science, and one day I asked a friend if she had ever heard about it, and said how much I should like to know more of its teachings. Within a few days this friend came to tell me that she had heard of a Christian Science practitioner and asked if I should like to see her. I eagerly consented, and very soon the practitioner kindly came to see me. Then indeed a new life opened out before me. Through the loving work of this practitioner my children and I quickly experienced many proofs of the healing power of Christian Science in our home. Measles, influenza, headaches, whooping cough—which was healed in twentyfour hours—a badly scalded foot, and many other discordant conditions yielded quickly and completely.

January 11, 1936

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