The greatest logician the world has every known, Christ...

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The greatest logician the world has every known, Christ Jesus, said, "A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit." It is not easy, therefore, to reconcile the statements that any body of people can belong to the intelligent and educated classes, and at the same time be "fools," and that an organization is "profound" in thought and wisdom, and yet "heathen," which your writer seems to imply of Christian Scientists and the Christian Science organization. This, however, is due, no doubt, to misunderstanding of the subject.

No Christian Science practitioner can be classed as a criminal for ministering to those who desire his ministrations, but on whom he has not forced his services; and no individual is compelled to have Christian Science treatment. If he asks for this help it is of his own free will. The Christian Science church does not "order" its adherents to have treatment. It is not a dictatorial institution, although there is a Manual to guide the church members. Christian Science is based on the teachings of Christ Jesus, and its students order their own lives in accordance with their highest understanding of his teachings and promises.

April 20, 1935

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