Our family has had many healings in Christian Science...

Our family has had many healings in Christian Science through our own consecrated effort and through the work of practitioners. One healing, which undoubtedly stands out as our greatest blessing, was accomplished some fifteen years ago at the time of the birth of our son. We were then living in northern Minnesota. His birth was awaited with great expectation and joy; but at his arrival the attending physician pronounced him stillborn. All material aids were used to revive him, but he was finally given up by the doctor. During all this time work was carried on in Christian Science, and in a very short time the blackness began to leave his body and natural color took its place. In less than half an hour he was pronounced normal by the physician. This was a great revelation to the nurse, who was not a Christian Scientist, and she gave all credit to the power of Truth. While others called it a miracle, we knew that another demonstration of the efficacy of Mind had taken place.

One day this son passed through another trying experience. His clothing caught in the handle of a kettle filled with boiling water on the stove and the water was spilled over him. In a short time his body was a mass of blisters. Help was solicited in Christian Science and he experienced little difficulty; the healing was speedy and no scars were left. Both of our children have been protected from or carried through many of the so-called children's diseases. We have had many proofs of the law of supply in spite of the mortal mind testimonies of lack. Through these trying times we have learned the true meaning of "home," and in this understanding we have been able to enjoy a greater happiness than would have been possible without it.

Testimony of Healing
From birth I had been delicate, suffering from one of the...
April 20, 1935

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