I have four little ones, and through Christian Science I...

I have four little ones, and through Christian Science I have seen them protected from the effects of accidents. As all of my family are not Scientists, error tried to make me conscious of conflicting opinions. One Sunday, as guests departed, I sat down to read the Sentinel before I turned to my housework. The first article was entitled "Man's Perfect Estate." It was just what I needed and I studied it carefully. Then I took up my tasks with a song. I had hardly started when my husband brought in our small son bloody and sobbing. He said we had better take him to the hospital at once, as he had fallen headfirst down the hay chute from the hayloft to the concrete floor in the barn. What he said hardly entered my consciousness. I knew my boy's perfect estate could not be impaired. I wrapped a towel around his head and carried him up to his room. In fifteen minutes he was asleep and I knew that he was all right. I was so glad I had heeded God's voice and was ready. My son awoke refreshed; his head did not bother him, and though he had a cut and a bruise on the lower lid of his eye, it did not swell. He had no thought of fear, but just laughed over his fall.

While riding horseback our little girl was thrown and a swelling appeared on her arm about an inch above her wrist. In the opinion of her aunt, a nurse, there was a lateral fracture, and she bound the arm securely in a splint. The child and I did our Science work, however, and in a short while she took off the splint, saying that it bothered her. Because of criticism, I called a practitioner and went on with our Science work. School started that week and the child did not attempt to use her hand until Wednesday. On that day she came home jubilant. "Mother, my arm is all better. Look, I can do this now. I did it in school today." She put her hands on the backs of two chairs and swung her body between.

Testimony of Healing
For many years I have been helped and encouraged by...
April 20, 1935

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