From birth I had been delicate, suffering from one of the...

From birth I had been delicate, suffering from one of the most cruel of all false beliefs, hereditary consumption, a continual cough and other ailments developing as the years went on. I struggled through studies, eventually entering the musical profession, and managed to teach, with many breaks through illness. There came a time when the struggle was too much, even will power failing to keep me up; my singing voice was entirely gone, a faint speaking voice remained, and I abandoned my work. During the following few years we moved to different parts of Africa, each fresh altitude helping to strengthen me, so we thought. Later I learned that at one stage I had been given three months to live. Home was again broken up in order to move to the high veldt. For a while I was slightly better; the farm life seemed to aid me to exist three and a half years after this, when heart trouble manifested itself in an alarming degree, which persistent coughing aggravated. Advice to move to a lower altitude decided us to sell the farm. I was desperate mentally, but I persisted in praying each day that a change would come into my life.

During a daily walk through a small plantation I found that I had wandered farther than usual, and on raising my eyes to the top of a beautiful mountain close by, suddenly became conscious that God really is, and that He had been hearing my calls for help. I was now quite convinced of a God of help. Peace resulted. Things moved quickly after this. The farm was sold, and a Christian Science Sentinel was posted to me by a friend, to which I paid not much attention, except thinking the testimonies, if true, were very beautiful. We spent a few days' holiday at the coast, which a doctor had predicted would prove fatal. During those days I promised to read Science and Health. We left the coast, and while living at a hotel in a small town in Natal, prior to setting, I borrowed Science and Health. Suddenly I became very seriously ill. At this stage I must have read some three or four pages of the first chapter, on Prayer. It was planned that night that I should be carefully moved to a hospital next day. I decided that when over the attack I would study the textbook thoroughly, as there seemed just a hope of obtaining help through Christian Science. At about six o'clock the next morning I was gently awakened and was asked how I felt. To my utter amazement I had slept right through the night, an unheard-of thing because of bronchial asthma; the inhaler had not been used.

April 20, 1935

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