Our Alibi

The primary meaning of the word "devil" is slanderer, false accuser; and in the Apocalypse Satan, or the devil, is referred to as "the accuser of our brethren." Christian Science teaches us how suitable this name is for the lie known as evil, and explains what is the nature of its slanderous accusation.

"From the beginning," writes Mrs. Eddy, referring to the belief in matter (Unity of Good, p. 36), "this lie was the false witness against the fact that Spirit is All, beside which there is no other existence." The lie alleges that, on the contrary, there are life and substance in matter, and that from matter there is evolved man—a creature whose actions and thoughts proceed from a material structure called body, a structure localized in space and limited in extent and durability. It alleges further that the existence of this creature began at a particular moment in time and will assuredly end; that in the meantime he is liable, in accordance with certain laws of physiology and psychology, to suffer in all sorts of ways, bodily and mental. These allegations are supported by the evidence of the material senses and appear convincing to the human so-called mind, which believes itself dependent on a material substance in the skull, called brain, and knows of no testimony underived from the five senses. Such evidence is, however, flatly rejected by Christian Science, which, on the contrary testimony of spiritual sense, declares man to be spiritual, and so perfect and immortal.

"Behold the man!"
April 20, 1935

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