Your correspondent's dictionary definition of reality as...

Brighthouse and Elland Echo

Your correspondent's dictionary definition of reality as "something actually existing, not fictitious, genuine, true," is very helpful, and bears out entirely the Christian Science contention that disease is not real. The Bible tells us that Jesus cast out devils. These devils were evils of various kinds, sin, sickness, and death, not actually existing, but believed to be real, owing to ignorance; fictions of the human mind, therefore neither genuine nor true; illusions of material sense.

The Apostle Paul, showing the difference between the unreal and the real, states that "the things which are seen" (cognized by the material senses) "are temporal," that is, they pertain to time, to the present sense of life, or this world, "but the things which are not seen" (that is, not seen by finite sense, but cognized spiritually, or spiritually discerned) "are eternal," and therefore real.

October 12, 1935

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