Thy Perfect Neighbor

God has given man dominion over all the earth with the right to be free, happy, and loving at all times. But this dominion often seems to be very far away when one is confronted with what appear to be the imperfections and limitations of himself and his fellow men. Mortal mind goes to one of two extremes. It either accepts all of human consciousness as good, and so worships and idolizes the human concept, or it becomes so aware of the human short-comings that they become fixed realities and shut out appreciation of the good reflected in human consciousness. In either case a man is bound by mortal sense and is robbed of his dominion. Christian Science saves him from these extremes and brings him onto the safe mental ground, where erroneous beliefs are recognized and deprived of reality, and the spiritual idea is revealed.

The truth about our fellow man is that he is now perfect—not the human sense which we entertain of him, and which we think he manifests—but the spiritual idea, his true identity, which has always existed in and is maintained by Mind. That is all that is real about him, and it is our right to be conscious of that spiritual identity. He, the real man, manifests every beautiful quality of divine Love, and we cannot help loving him. The belief that error is real, that it is person, would claim to rob us of that fact and the joy of loving our brother.

October 12, 1935

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