Truth Heals

Since Christian Science was discovered by Mrs. Eddy in 1866 a great change has taken place in human thought with regard to health. Before her discovery, while there were those who were aware that thought influenced health, the belief was entertained by many that health is almost altogether determined by the condition of the material body. If the body were functioning properly, health would be experienced; if it were functioning badly, ill health would result. Indeed, the belief was strongly held that since material conditions appeared so greatly to influence one's health, the thoughts one entertained were of comparatively little consequence.

That the state of the material body determines health was, and still is, a belief very prevalent even among Christians. Indeed, up to the time of the discovery of Christian Science, they were like other religionists in this respect. Accordingly, they fell in with the general practice of mortals when sickness had to be dealt with. That is to say, they used drugs, believing them to be curative; and for the same reason they manipulated the body—methods still very prevalent today.

"Thy high behest"
October 5, 1935

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