Signs of the Times

[Norman Goodall, M. A., in the Christian World Pulpit, London, England]

Our deepest need is a peace which the world cannot give, a peace which we must impart to the world. Such peace is only derived from those eternal sources which are penetrated—or which penetrate us—in hours of deliberate spiritual search. We must study to be quiet, even while we obey the rest of the apostolic injunction and do that which it is our business to do and work with our hands. There may never be any return to the rigid formalism of the old Sabbaths, but there must be regular and well-defined Sabbaths within. At least as eagerly as we wrestle with the new tasks of this complex and interesting world we shall give ourselves to the old task of freeing our hearts from the dominance of the world.... Amidst all the bustle and fever of our day we shall preserve those places where we can be still and know. Only through the life of the Spirit have we access to that peace which the world can neither give nor take away.

October 5, 1935

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