Omnipresence is defined in one dictionary as "the faculty or power of being present in every place at the same time, an attribute peculiar to God." Let us examine these words in connection with the definition of God on page 465 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. Here we find that God is infinite Mind; and Mind, God, being ever present, precludes the presence of so-called mortal mind, the illusive source of all discord. The so-called mind is, then, a myth. God is also defined as infinite Spirit. The omnipresence of Spirit predicates the absence of matter, the opposite of Spirit. God is infinite Life. How glorious to know that man lives in a universe of unending Life! Where in infinite Life could death, its supposititious opposite, find a place?

God being infinite Mind, Spirit, Life, there can be no reality in evil; there can be no place where seeming error can operate; and there can be no resultant death. The realization of these truths has brought peace and healing to many sufferers.

October 5, 1935

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