Finding Evil to be Nothing

On page 334 of her "Miscellaneous Writings" Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, after asking a question, gives an answer the understanding of which is of vital importance to every student of Christian Science. She asks, "Why do Christian Scientists treat disease as disease, since there is no disease?" Her illuminating answer is, in part: "This is done only as one gives the lie to a lie; because it is a lie, without one word of Truth in it. You must find error to be nothing: then, and only then, do you handle it in Science." It will be noticed that she does not say perhaps you will find error to be nothing, or, there is a possibility that error will be found as nothing, but the statement is virtually a command, "You must find error to be nothing."

The position taken by our Leader is well founded, for Christ Jesus, the Way-shower, the best Christian and the most successful healer ever known, taught, lived, and demonstrated the identical truth which today is revealed in Christian Science; and one of the outstanding accomplishments of this Science is the continual proof that because of the allness of God, good, evil is nothing.

New Leaves for Old
October 5, 1935

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