Are We Grateful?

One day a group of Christian Scientists was watching a large pleasure boat being anchored. Securely anchored and tied with strong cables, the waves, the winds, the constant tugging of the water could not move the boat from its moorings. Presently one of the group observed the similitude of the anchored boat to the daily thinking of the student of Christian Science. When we hold thought steadfastly to Principle, false beliefs cannot disturb or confuse us, make us afraid, or losen our hold on God.

As one advances in the study of Christian Science one's gratitude expands. Gratitude must be understood in its spiritual signification. To think of gratitude as a pleased feeling that one has been materially benefited in one way or another would be to limit our concept of gratitude for spiritual good. In our work as students of Christian Science gratitude has a large place. It is the key which unlocks the treasure of heaven. It brings joy into our activities, for it lifts thought above self. It expands the affections to a recognition of the brotherhood of man, all having the same loving Parent, our Father-Mother God. A glimpse of the Christ clears one's vision and awakens gratitude for the supremacy of good, the perfection of cause and effect; and as this is more plainly discerned, erroneous thinking is proportionately erased from human consciousness.

"Fear thou not"
October 6, 1934

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