Overcoming Evil Suggestions

[Written Especially for Young People]

A Problem commonly presented to the young Christian Scientist leaving his home for the first time to attend college, or for other reasons, is that of having to make his own decisions, to choose between right and wrong. Until then his parents may have helped him in his choice of friends, and thus he has been protected from harmful contacts. Drinking and smoking and other evil ways of living have thus far been discarded as not to be indulged in.

But when this young person finds himself away from home, thrown among persons representing many types of mortal mind, he may find seemingly logical arguments presented in support of these very evils from which his parents have all along protected him. Perhaps he is even tempted to feel inferior because he does not fall in with these so-called broad-minded ways. In fact, the arguments of mortal mind seem so real that, if accepted, they are apt to cause confusion in the thoughts of the young Christian Scientist. Being confronted with this subtle form of error, manifested by many of those with whom he is thrown, he may begin to wonder if his parents are not too strict. Perhaps, the error whispers, he has seen only one side of life, and in order that he may be well balanced and broad-minded he should not shut out these so-called broadening actions from his experience. Then, too, what real harm can there be in occasional drinking and smoking, so long as he thinks he will never acquire the habit?

August 19, 1933

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