A Complete Providing

Modern parallels of Biblical marvels are multiplying as the understanding of Christian Science spreads. Increasing numbers of people are gaining insight, through Christian Science, into the cause of what are termed miracles, as recorded in the Scriptures. When the operation of divine Principle which wrought those wonders is understood, there is nothing to prevent anyone from applying the same Principle and rule governing those wonders to the extent of his understanding.

Principle is God, infinite Love. Although our Leader's use of the word "Principle," as a synonym for God, is new, Moses may be said to have expressed its meaning in the divine announcement of the nature of God: "I AM THAT I AM." The illumination resulting from this concept of God enabled Moses to demonstrate for himself and for the children of Israel God's all-providing love. Even when his followers murmured, Moses' fixed conviction of God as the I AM brought into their experience as well as his own all they needed of daily provision. In thus acknowledging God there is a corresponding recognition of the adequacy of Love's providing. The completeness of that providing may be seen by reviewing the demonstrations of Moses in the journey from Egypt to the promised land.

On Knowing God
August 19, 1933

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