Protecting the Home

Throughout all the history of civilization the home has held a high place in human thought. Christian Science teaches that all things real have their origin in God, Spirit, and therefore are spiritual, reflecting the divine qualities of the creator. Nothing really exists which is not created by Spirit. Since Spirit is the creator, its creations are necessarily spiritual, not material. The house which to material sense appears as brick and mortar is not the true idea of home; for the real home is spiritual, and exists as an idea in Mind. We read in Hebrews, "Every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God."

Of great practical significance is the spiritual understanding of true home, as may be seen from the following experience. A student of Christian Science was confronted with a problem concerning his home. The encumbrance upon it was about to mature, and although he had requested a renewal upon certain terms, the holder of the obligation had refused the request and had signified his intention of foreclosing on the property. To human sense it appeared impossible to find new sources of funds with which to meet the demands. Fear and worry tried to enter his consciousness, for to all appearance he faced a difficult situation.

The Children's Part
July 15, 1933

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