Mind's Boundless Bestowal

Thinking is undoubtedly the most important activity in human existence, for it determines one's circumstances and directs one's way. Thoughts happify or sadden, enrich or impoverish, according as they are human or divine. How necessary it is, therefore, to learn in Christian Science that true thoughts in their pristine nature come from God, the only Mind, and can therefore not be interfered with by the evidence of the material senses. True or spiritual thinking is not swayed hither and thither by gusts of sense-experience, steered by the temptations of sin or self-will, or overshadowed by finite reasoning and argument. In the divine unity of God and man, every manifestation expresses perfect Mind and joyously radiates the priceless thought-jewels of Mind's bestowing.

As the individual gains this sense of higher spiritual thinking, intelligence, aptitude, endowment, which had seemed to lie dormant, or hidden under the belief in inherited limitation and restriction, are seen to be within the range of present use. Then the fear of failure and the incapacities of human nature no longer seem paramount and insurmountable in daily experience, for it is being understood that divine faculties and attributes emanate eternally from God to man. Mind is expressed, and man is the expression of Mind.

July 15, 1933

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