"Where is the guestchamber?"

We read in the Gospels that Jesus, just before his crucifixion, sent two of his disciples into the city to find the proper place for their observance of the Passover. They were told that after reaching the city they would meet a "man bearing a pitcher of water," whom they were to follow to his destination; there they were to inquire for the guest chamber where they were to make ready for the supper.

The words, "Where is the guestchamber?" impel the Christian Science student to ponder the lessons to be learned, as does another question which bids us watch our thinking carefully; that is, "Adam, ... where art thou?" Christian Science shows us that this question is to be interpreted as referring to a state of consciousness and not a locality. So our mental guest chamber is our consciousness, where perhaps we may entertain "angels unawares," or else may dally with temptation and sin.

"Be of good cheer"
July 8, 1933

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