Persistence in Right Endeavor

When applied to a good purpose, persistence is an admirable quality. The Christian Scientist has an understanding of God, the Principle of good, and knows how to demonstrate Principle in the destruction of evil beliefs of whatever kind. Hence the constant call upon him for persistence in his efforts. The claims of evil appear to be many; mankind is oftentimes grievously deluded by them and appears to suffer terribly in consequence. Fortunate is he who through Christian Science has learned of God's allness and omnipotence and the nothingness and impotence of evil; for he is in possession of an understanding which as it is applied saves from evil's delusions. No wonder the Christian Scientist is happy and persistent in his work of healing and redemption. He is scientifically equipped to handle every phase of evil belief, and thus to aid in ushering in the kingdom of God—harmony—on earth.

Christ Jesus was distinguished for his patience and persistence. Mrs. Eddy says of him (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, pp. 136, 137), "Jesus patiently persisted in teaching and demonstrating the truth of being." And, undoubtedly, he was able to do so because of his profound understanding of real Being. God was known to him as the Father who loves His children with infinite tenderness. The law of God he knew to be the only real law; and this knowledge empowered him to overrule so-called material law, belief in which binds men to sin, disease, and death. His understanding of God and his faith in the goodness of the Father supported all Jesus' efforts to help and heal his fellow men, sustaining that patience and persistence so necessary in the work.

July 8, 1933

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