Your correspondent, "A Believer," writing in your last...

Bridlington Chronicle

Your correspondent, "A Believer," writing in your last issue, asks, "Do Christian Scientists believe in the whole word of God?" Christian Science reaffirms the Word of God as revealed by the patriarchs and the holy prophets, by Jesus and his apostles; and I assure your readers that the teaching of Christian Science not only presents the Word of God, but presents it so nearly to the manner of Jesus that Christian Scientists are able to rely upon it for life, health, righteousness, joy, peace, satisfaction, and salvation.

Christian Science also teaches, in accordance with Christ Jesus' own statements, that he is at once the "Son of God" and the "Son of man." Whilst it does not deify him, it insists that real individuality is inseparable from God. This question caused much discussion in Jesus' time. Indeed, it was one of the reasons for his arrest and crucifixion. Jesus appeared in the form of a mortal, and the attempt to explain his fleshly form as the Son of God—to make mortality one with God—has hidden the Christ and brought confusion. The divinity of Christ Jesus, his immortal selfhood which proceeded from the Father, was his divine nature. His humanity was the highest type of humanhood. It presented the God-governed man.

Scientific Forgiveness
June 10, 1933

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