For about fifteen years I had been troubled with an enlargement...

For about fifteen years I had been troubled with an enlargement of the spleen. Doctors pronounced the trouble incurable unless I submitted to a very serious operation, although they stated that the chances of its being successful were very small. In fact, at a famous sanitorium, the doctors knew of only one case in which a person had ever been helped by this operation. Finally I went to British Columbia with the hope that the change of climate might give me some relief. While there I became acquainted with a man who had been suffering with an unjointed back for over two years, the doctors saying that they could do nothing for him. He turned to Christian Science and was healed in three days. This demonstration was so convincing to me that I procured a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by MAry Baker Eddy. After eight days of faithful reading, and without the aid of a practitioner, I realized that all traces of the difficulty which I had been accepting as real for the past fifteen years were gone.

By realizing the ever-presence of good and harmony, I have had many opportunities to demonstrate the never failing protection of God. At one time I was doing some blasting work in a canon. I prepared five charges and lighted four of them. When I thought I had heard four blasts I returned to light the fifth fuse. For some reason only three charges had gone off, and as I was preparing to light the last one the powder which had not gone off the first time exploded. Instantaneously I declared the truth and the realization of complete harmony saved me from any harm. Rocks were blown all around me, but I was not touched.

Testimony of Healing
Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science,...
June 10, 1933

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