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With a thankful heart I should like to testify to the...

With a thankful heart I should like to testify to the great blessings which have been given me through Christian Science. For many years I had been so ill with various difficulties, such as heart, lung, and nervous troubles, that I was near death's door. I also suffered from indigestion, and could not eat various kinds of food at all. When I recall the time that I was unable to eat anything except rice or porridge, I can scarcely believe it today. My good friends always pitied me when they found that I was having this limited fare. But now I am blessed with a good appetite, and can eat anything with comfort. I also had constant trouble with colds and was affected by the slightest draft. I was under medical treatment continually and used many remedies. Five years ago I was in a sanatorium for four months, but when I returned I was even worse. Thereafter I went to another sanatorium, but without successful results. I also suffered greatly from insomnia; in fact, I could not go to sleep at all without a sleeping powder, and often I had to take two or three.

I am deeply grateful to God that I was led to Christian Science. It has made me a well person. Immediately after the first treatment from a practitioner I slept throughout the night without a sleeping powder; and all the other troubles gradually disappeared. Today I am entirely free from all these ills. Many of my acquaintances who do not know that I am a Christian Scientist often ask me what doctor is treating me, and what remedies I am using that I now look so well. For all the blessings received, I thank God with all my heart. I owe great gratitude also to our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, and to the practitioner.

Testimony of Healing
My first healing in Christian Science, which occurred in...
June 10, 1933

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