In the Vanguard of November 5 there is an article which...


In the Vanguard of November 5 there is an article which gives so erroneous an account of Christian Science that I feel I must put the facts before you, and I would submit that these facts are deserving of as much publicity as the wrong statements made in the article.

That Christ Jesus was the perfect practitioner of spiritual healing there is no doubt; that he taught his disciples to heal and they in turn taught others is equally clear; that this healing was practiced by the early Christians for some three hundred years is a matter of history. That these healing works should be the sign following belief on his name is natural and is stated to be so in Mark's Gospel and inferred in the other Gospels. Christ Jesus, as stated in your article, never failed to heal any case he treated, but it is recorded that in the case of the lunatic boy the disciples did fail; it should not, however, be surprising that his students failed to do as well as their teacher. Many of the healings in Christian Science are instantaneous, and in many cases the one healed is noticeably helped in getting rid of sin. An honest investigation of the healings in Christian Science would convince anyone of these facts.

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