My first healing in Christian Science, which occurred in...

My first healing in Christian Science, which occurred in July, 1903, account of which was published in the Sentinel of January 13, 1917, has been permanent. I feel that I should like to express increased gratitude not only for that healing but for many others which have been experienced since, also for a greater understanding of Christian Science, which has enabled me to use it as a preventive as well as a curative.

Not once in all these years has it been necessary for me to cease any of my activities or to go to bed on account of illness, although my life has been a busy, active one. Among the many things that have been healed are two broken wrists, a wrenched ankle and broken foot, rheumatism, ptomaine poisoning, influenza, and colds. Only once was it necessary to call a practitioner, and that was at the time of breaking my right wrist. I wish particularly to tell of overcoming an attack of paralysis, which occurred one Saturday morning. I awoke unable to move any part of my body.. As I was then serving as Second Reader in a branch church, I realized that this was an attempt of error to keep me out of my place. I immediately thanked God that I was able to think, and declared that Principle governed me and no power existed to interfere with the power of God and its control over me. In about an hour I was able to reach a telephone by my bed, but I knew that the same power which freed my arm could free my entire body, and so I did not try to call anyone. In a little while

June 10, 1933

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