Overflowing Plenteousness

In these days, when there is so much evidence of lack, even of daily human necessities, right thinking, as developed and promoted by the study and practice of Christian Science, should be highly productive of good. The demand is twofold: the personal requirements of everyone must be provided for; and in a larger, more important sense the power of right thinking must be expanded to effect the needed mental adjustment that will give all the world access through increased spirituality to God's bountiful supply, including that of human necessities.

One of the important values of Christian Science is its practicability, seen in the application of spiritual ideas to the solving of human problems, thus meeting human needs, blessing mankind, and glorifying God. Rejoicing over the meager satisfaction of having enough for one's self or expressing an unavailing pity toward those whose plight is that of hunger and privation is not the spirit of Christian Science. Thought needs to be lifted to a higher sense of universal supply, its availability and abundance at all times. And in this connection the Biblical record of Jesus' work contains notable and inspiring examples of the power of divine Mind, expressed in right thinking, in dealing with hunger and lack. In each instance Jesus proved the availability of supply, and the results were measured in terms of abundance.

"Make me thereof a little cake first"
April 29, 1933

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