How often we hear expressed by someone the wish that he had taken advantage of some past opportunity, or the bewailing of the fact that there are not the opportunities in the present that existed in the past! To one instructed in Christian Science, however, it is clear that life with all its varied experiences is an ever unfolding, unending series of opportunities for overcoming evil in all its myriad forms, by the demonstration of omnipresent good. No matter what the seeming material condition with which the student is confronted, he will turn it into an occasion for overcoming.

The task at hand that requires doing, however lowly, can be made into a golden opportunity for growth and advancement, if we but recognize spiritual possibilities and use today's grace for today's work. The opportunity for being better, kinder, more loving, and wiser is ever present. The door of opportunity is never closed to us, and we can always see it. Do not the words of Christ Jesus, the Way-shower, telling us to rejoice and be glad when we are hated or despitefully used or persecuted, imply that such an eventuality is but an opportunity to love more, forgive more, and bless our enemies—in other words, to grow in wisdom and understanding and grace? The spiritual law, as expressed in the Master's teaching and exemplified in his living, is that we reflect good by receiving good and manifesting good.

Overflowing Plenteousness
April 29, 1933

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