"With this infinitude"

A student of Christian Science once found herself in a quagmire of doubt, fear, impatience, and indecision because a seemingly painful and annoying condition, which she had worked long and earnestly to overcome, showed no signs of healing or abatement. One evening, impatient at the necessity of having to continue this work, she turned to God with a petition for guidance, and opening "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy read the following passage, on page 112: "From the infinite One in Christian Science comes one Principle and its infinite idea, and with this infinitude come spiritual rules, laws, and their demonstration, which, like the great Giver, are 'the same yesterday, and to-day, and forever.'" This passage closes with the following encouraging words: "For thus are the divine Principle of healing and the Christ-idea characterized in the epistle to the Hebrews."

Again she read the paragraph, feeling certain that there was some clearer meaning presented in it for her, and that God would reveal it to her. At the second reading the words "with this infinitude" stood out dominantly, and she realized that she had always read the passage with the sense of "from" this infinitude and not with the correct understanding that spiritual rules, laws, and their demonstration are not alone emanations proceeding from God, but are also coexistent "with" Him—complete, finished, always ready for use. She saw that there is no demonstration to be made in Spirit, no problem to be worked out in the divine economy, because everything is already complete "with this infinitude." How then could there be doubt, fear, or impatience about carrying on the work of solving her problem? Why, the only work necessary was the accepting of what Love had already brought forth, which was and is "very good." The realization was so complete and clear, so directly a message from Mind, that the healing took place then and there—right where she had been dropping into the abyss of belief in a "hard case." The pinions of that angel-message swept her higher and higher until, finally, she glimpsed that perfect atmosphere of spiritual sense where all is complete and harmonious.

April 15, 1933

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