Profit and Loss

Looming large on the horizon of business interests, especially with the closing of the fiscal year, is the subject of profit and loss. How prone are mortals to think upon this subject from a wholly monetary viewpoint, believing their profit and loss to be summed up in terms of money!

To students of Christian Science it proves helpful to go beneath the surface to find what these terms mean in the light of spiritual truth revealed through this teaching. Certainly the business of endeavoring to be a Christian Scientist is one in which much accounting is necessary, and one in which the higher sense of profit and loss is learned. As one begins to see that profitable things are those which bring spiritual blessings, he sees also that no material loss can outweigh his profit. He sees that his wealth is unlimited; for he draws from the infinite source, divine Mind, with its abundant supply of spiritual ideas. All that one can lose is his sense of materiality, whether it be manifested as material wealth or the things that material wealth would seem to provide. How fleeting and unsatisfying these things are is evidenced in the experience of countless individuals: "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" When we think of soul as spiritual sense, this passage takes on added meaning. What, in other words, would it profit one to gain worldly goods at the cost of spiritual understanding and spiritual development?

Doing Your Own Work
February 11, 1933

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