Condemning Evil

Love is ever the keynote in the life of the true reformer. All noble, enduring effort for improvement and elevation of individuals, the wider endeavors to aid communities and nations, have been prompted by unselfish motives; and sympathetic understanding, intelligence, and talents have been used to bring mankind deliverance from drudgery and ills. The love which is the reflection of Love is the fundamental element of every lasting achievement. Whether in small daily affairs or more far-reaching, world-wide undertakings, love brings every worthy desire to fulfillment.

The student of Christian Science soon perceives the strong demands made upon him by Love, and finds the current of his life changed by exercising the quality of love. He becomes imbued with the desire to improve his living, and fervently follows Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, in her hope as expressed in "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" (p. 301), "I would that all the churches on earth could unite as brethren in one prayer: Father, teach us the life of Love." Much advancement appears along this line, for more and more the desire of nations, churches, individuals is toward this "life of Love." World peace, temperance, constructive education are enhanced as people become more inclined to love their neighbors and more willing to give up some measure of so-called personal freedom. When the rights of others are considered, weighed, valued, and self-will is relinquished, the rights of the individual are seen to be broad enough to include all.

Christian Science reveals the allness of God, Love, which allows no evil. The love which is the reflection of divine Love is constructive, a builder, busy with good works to benefit mankind. To Love, evil is unreal. Thus it may be seen that true spiritual love destroys, and does not condone evil. Our Leader says in her Message to The Mother Church for 1901 (p. 14), "Wrong is thought before it is acted; you must control it in the first instance, or it will control you in the second." One definition of "condemn" is "officially reject as unfit for use." At this point the seeker finds that love is cooperative, as well as corrective; for often the exercise of this virtue changes his entire point of view. Genuine love for truth condemns dishonesty and falsehood; love for others condemns greed; love for purity condemns defilement of speech or manner; love of industry condemns indolence and procrastination. Thus the student cherishing his progressive appreciation of love officially rejects "as unfit for use" that which is not an asset. His sense of values has changed because the acceptance of spiritual love destroys the material, often selfish, concept of affection. Evil ceases to be any longer alluring or necessary, for he has learned that good alone is real.

On Giving Testimony
November 18, 1933

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