The Perfect Exemplar

In the heart of everyone, consciously or unconsciously, is desire to be Christlike, the desire to possess and manifest the qualities which distinguished God's representative on earth, the man Christ Jesus. He is the perfect Exemplar. No other can take his place. This should be borne in mind by every student of Christian Science.

Therefore, in order to adopt into one's own living the spiritual qualities of Christ Jesus, the student of Christian Science should faithfully study his manner of living, as recorded in the New Testament. His life, when understood scientifically, will show us the way of right conduct in every circumstance in our own lives; for it will be observed that he was confronted with problems, perplexities, temptations, "like as we are, yet without sin." Those about him were living what from a material viewpoint was regarded as a normal life. Certain forms and ceremonies were established and conformed to by them; but Jesus rarely conceded to material methods, and was not influenced by the world's opinion. From the beginning to the end of his earthly career he obeyed the voice of God and recognized God as the only power.

August 6, 1932

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