The Substitute Sunday School Teacher

One who is privileged to serve in the capacity of substitute Sunday school teacher needs constantly to abide at the gate "Beautiful," a state of thought meaning, according to one authority, "opportune, ripe, fit." When the teacher's thinking is actively abiding at this gate "Beautiful," it is great joy to lead the thought of the Sunday school pupils through this entrance into the mental temple of Truth, where healing proves God to be ever present and supreme.

The substitute teacher as well as the regular teacher may mentally don a "coat of many colours," such as was symbolized in the coat given to Joseph by his loving father. The encircling garment which is given to each one of us by our loving Father-Mother God is that inspired consciousness which is evidenced in the gifts of joy, responsiveness, approachableness, receptivity, patience, alertness, adaptability, versatility, spontaneity, and true humor. Such awakened mentality quickly detects the needs of the pupils and lovingly opens wellsprings of questions. This produces fearless interchange of thought and the happy sense of journeying on together in momentary and eternal unfoldment. No stereotyped method can be employed successfully by either the substitute or the regular teacher. Inspiration alone, resultant from one's own consecrated study and faithful application of the teachings of Christian Science, can discern the needs and meet them with such wisdom that the pupils' thought may become plastic and self-corrective. The substitute teacher, called upon to serve in different classes, may touch such varying phases of mentality that great opportunities are afforded for healing work for the whole Sunday school.

Keeping the Door Shut
July 9, 1932

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