In her Message to The Mother Church for 1902 (p. 2) Mrs. Eddy writes, "To live and let live, without clamor for distinction or recognition; to wait on divine Love; to write truth first on the tablet of one's own heart,—this is the sanity and perfection of living, and my human ideal." It is this "sanity and perfection of living" that everyone surely desires; and the above statement indicates that among its constituents are humility, loyalty, wisdom, patience, sincerity.

The Christian Scientist finds the open door to spiritual dominion over all discord by maintaining true thinking, thus expressing the spiritual qualities which constitute man in the divine image. This process enables him, by sure degrees, to banish sickness from his thought and experience and to resist temptation. Sin and sickness are unideal, and whatever is unideal is unreal, minus divine law, authority, or attraction. The Christian Scientist who desires to express health and righteousness must acknowledge their spiritual source and draw nearer to God. He must be a scientific thinker and must, as far as practical, live what he thinks. The ideal of spiritual perfection must always be before him, leading him higher.

Doubtless the perfection of infinite Mind and of true thought-processes had dawned upon Isaiah when he recorded God as saying, "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." Far from being cast down by this mental disparity, the student of Christian Science seizes upon it as pointing the way to victory. He rejoices in realizing that the ways and thoughts of God alone are present and potent, and that they are always at hand to inspire, awaken, and liberate all mankind. There is never a moment when one is not in the presence of infinite good, and each one's necessity is to realize and manifest this presence. Good is not beyond the reach of men, and the real man is forever beyond the reach of iniquity or affliction. In short, the ideal is present to be demonstrated.

Proper Procedure
July 9, 1932

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