I want to express my gratitude for more than twenty years...

I want to express my gratitude for more than twenty years of study of Christian Science and for some growth in the understanding thereof. I am grateful for the joy and harmony of a home whose members are Christian Scientists. As the years have passed I have learned to be more and more grateful for this atmosphere of unity and understanding. During these years I have had many wonderful healings and have witnessed beautiful healings of others. Sometimes my own healings have been instantaneous, but more often they have been the result of study and the gaining of a higher understanding.

Some years ago I was suddenly taken very ill with influenza. At the end of about ten days the condition had improved very little and was most discouraging, for the pain had not abated day or night. On Sunday I decided to try to get to the evening church service. The subject of the Lesson-Sermon was "Mind." As the service progressed the spiritual understanding unfolded in my thought, and when I arose to sing the last hymn I suddenly realized that I was completely healed; and from that moment not a trace or symptom of the condition remained. Some years later I experienced a wonderful healing of blood poisoning. Still more recently I have been healed of severe chronic neuritis, which required a year of work and study before it was eradicated from my thought.

Testimony of Healing
Jesus said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall...
July 9, 1932

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